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Rest in peace, Mongo from Shrek 2. Your life was fleeting but you will never be forgotten.

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Yvonne Strahovski // Nerd HQ 2014



Toph's Statues.

I’m positive that Toph just traveled around erecting statues of herself and no one was brave enough to tell her to stop.


"I wish Disney would make an actual arcade game for Sugar Rush, like they did with Fix-It Felix, Jr. I just think it would be an awesome game. I would play that all the time"



Anonymous asks: The protagonist of my novel is half black and also the daughter of a prominent political family with a white Senator for a father. I imagine her home life as being dominated by white upper-middle class culture, but I don’t want her to be completely white-washed either. What sort of struggle might a person in her position face, and how would you suggest I include this part of her identity when it’s not the main conflict?

Please keep in mind that all of these are possibilities and are in no way meant to be used as hard truths. Using only these traits/experiences could make your character into a stereotype.

Your protagonist could face several struggles depending on her upbringing. Remember that every person will react differently to situations depending on their character, etc, but some things come to mind which might play a significant role in her life.

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Oldest Guild wars Onion Baby 









This is legit.

More PSAs need to stop worrying about offending people and get down to the nitty gritty like this. It’s the only way to open so many eyes.


If people are offended, they are probably guilty.

This is hella important. If any one you nerds get children, please be an amazing parent

Can someone explain the 3rd one to me with the woman hunched over? I don’t really understand the meaning of it

I think she’s hungover or something :\ maybe idk

A link to watch the full 1 minute video it is here.

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this is fucking hilarious

Fanfic - Sokka’s Sun (1120 words)

The Sun had first noticed him during a summer morning. He was sitting, staring up into the sky with such a deep sorrow that the Sun was almost hesitant to shine on him.

But the Sun was the Sun, and she had to shine.

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